Recurring invoices with variable date descriptions

Idea suggested by alex Capone 6 years ago

Great feature but let down by the fact you cannot place variable date fields in the description.

This means each month we have to go into all recurring invoices and change the date description which is a real pain.

A free online accounting system has this feature which gave me the idea.

As an example:

Maintenance Contract Description On Invoice:

Onsite Maintenance Between 01/03/20215 and 01/06/2015. (therefore each recurring invoice has to be modified!!


Onsite Maintenance Between [DATE] and [DATE +3M] would fix the problem and save many many man hours

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Hi Alex,

Thank you for your idea. The developers will need to assess this idea to see how possible it would be to add this kind of feature. It would be great to hear from other users to see how popular it is.


Yes, we would love this as well. Its very frustrating to manually edit all recurring invoices before we send them out.



I'm new to Clearbooks but have experience of other similar systems and thought that this would be a basic requirement for many businesses that issue sales invoices for time based services; e.g 'Accountancy and tax services for November 2015'.

All that is needed are 'placeholders/code' for: Previous month Current month Next month Previous year Current year Next year

The similarly priced IRIS KashFlow software has it and once set up, monthly recurring invoices are updated, issued and emailed and require no manual intervention at all - perfect. I think Clearbbooks is better overall in other areas but this is a rather obvious drawback.

Also need to be able to change the issue date of a recurring invoice - currently not possible - have to start again.

Cheers, Gordon

Its been 12 months and the feature is still not there. Your competitiors like Freshbooks already have this and someone like us migrating from Freshbooks to Clearbooks find this very annoying.

In my opinion, this defeats the purpose of recurring invoices.

If you have to edit the description of the invoice after it gets generated, you might as well create it from scratch.


This is a 4 hour job for a coder- would save your users 100's of man hours

We now use a different system for recurring invoices- never have to touch them

Come on Clearbooks!!!

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