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Transactions report

Idea suggested by sherry osborne 7 years ago

When handing over to our year-end and audit team we need to be able to give them something similar to the Sage nominal activity report. At the moment on Clear Books there is an option to view 'transactions' for one account at a time or set groups, but it would be much more useful to be able to view all overheads (as an example) in the same report for a given period. Perhaps if there was an option to select multiple accounts. Is this something you would consider implementing?

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I always previously gave my accountant a Nominal Ledger printout that organised all of the transactions grouped by the Account and giving a sub-total for each account and then a Grand Total at the end of the report. He seems to like it this way because he can easily check off the figures for the different accounts. In Clearbooks I have to go into Transactions and then choose each account in turn and print to get a similar report. I have exported All Transaction to CSV and then imported into Excel, resorted by Account name and then created Groups with sub-totals for each Account but that is is quite time consuming as well.

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