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Idea suggested by Andy Miller 4 years ago

As a new user, but one who has just imported into ClearBooks the best part of 2,000 sales invoices, 2000 bills plus connected payments, some in other currencies, I decided to put together the improvements that I believe would benefit existing users and improve your sales to others seeking a cloud accounting solution. Thought it might be a useful basis to generate some comment from other users on their needs and priorities. I know quite a number of the points have been raised before over the years but I thought it would be useful to put them together.

1 import - Extend PO field size (I can’t believe we’re the only organisation to have used PO numbers longer than the import limitation)

2 import - allow FX invoices (Appreciate this may be a big job but how many prospects don’t become customers because of this)

3 import - allow fx payments (‘’ ‘’ ‘’ ‘')

4 import credit notes facility

5 Product sales report - (Cant believe this is not provided! Your sales line output is not a substitute as it does not have item name. Every company that produces physical products wants such a report. As a stopgap to providing a built in report - how much resource can adding sales name to the export involve?

6 Invoices / POs / Quotes different names on Quotes from POs from Invoices. The majority companies have different people doing sales quote from POs, to issuing invoices - so allow different contact name & email for invoices than quotes than POs)

7 Invoices - allow removal of customer contact email & Tel number from invoices (after all the customer knows their own name and telephone number)

8 Allocating payments - would be better for displayed unpaid invoices to show a blank box for allocation and then have a tick box for allocate full amount. This is because often the order the invoices appear on the screen is not the same as the invoices you want to allocate money to. therefore you have to mess about clearing boxes with figures in and then entering other figures in the boxes further down the list

9 Allocating payments - would be useful to show due date as well / instead of bill date

10 Allocating payments - Non GBP - allow one payment to be allocated to multiple invoices at same time

11 Allocating payments. If you enter a payment NOT in GBP remember this so the person does not have to click the currency drop down every time to see the invoices to post against in the correct currency.

12 Allocating credit notes - show running total on screen of amount left to allocate

13 Payments Due Report - or at the very least for unpaid bills allow filtering by invoice due date range & / or have separate report function with cumulative totals for this ideally grouped by vendor - another basic accounting report not provided.

17 Contact Info - Add default currency setting field

18 Contact Info - Have true multiple contacts per organisation. Currently additional users have limited use and can’t be exported.

19 Contact info - Role - where can either put job title or perhaps of more use their function for ALL contacts both prime and additional users

20 Merge customers. Contact name info from entity on left should be carried into new entity currently it is lost.

21 Have number of items per page preference in session cookie / account settings so you dont have to enter this dozens of times per session

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Hi Andy

Thank you so much for taking the time to give us your feedback, we love hearing how you think Clear Books can be improved.

After speaking with a developer I can update you with the following:

  1. "import - allow FX invoices" has been implemented and is now live
  2. "import - allow fx payments" is currently being worked on
  3. "import credit notes facility" is in the pipeline
  4. "Invoices - allow removal of customer contact email & Tel number from invoices" - this can be achieved by adjusting the invoice theme settings and setting the 'Customer contact' to 'hide'.


Once the development team finish their current improvements to the system they will get around to looking at ideas such as these which have gained support from other users.



Thats really great to hear on the Foreign currency and credit note stuff :-) Pity I have now manually added all those pesky FX invoices and payments :-(

Unfortunately the Customer Contact Hide does absolutely nothing. Try setting this on and then create a PDF of an invoice you will see the customer is still getting an invoice with his email and his telephone number on - which is not professional.

Kind Regards

Hi Andy,

I've played around a little more and it seems the best way to get the invoice to hide the contact details to go into the CSS and apply 'display: none' to the customer contact details.

To achieve this head to Settings > Invoice themes > All > Edit (under desired theme) > Styling, change the drop down in the top right hand corner from 'basic' to 'advanced' and then scroll until you find .cb-page ul.cb-customer-contact li.cb-phone, .cb-page ul.cb-customer-contact li.cb-email, .cb-page ul.cb-customer-contact li.cb-fax and then replace the content inside the { } directly after it with display: none;

I hope this helps you, however, as suggested, a simpler check box or similar would be helpful for those that aren't comfortable with CSS, I shall forward this idea to the developers.

Have a good day :)

I'll have a go. Thanks again

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