Why can't you print or export all reports

Idea suggested by Darren D Biggs 7 years ago

It would be very handy to be able to print transaction lists monthly / annually to give to the accountant as a day book, why is this functionality not available?

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I agree all reports should be available via csv/pdf - i'm sure it's something they're looking at.

As for your accountant - why not add them embrace the cloud and add them as a user (with X privileges) instead of having to pull of various reports constantly?

Hi Darren,

PDF and CSV options for all reports (and any tables) is something we would like to add to the system in future. I have converted this to an idea so that you know as soon as this is implemented.

csv/pdf downloads for all reports would be a major plus point and bring into line with other software approaches.

This idea is still on our Developer's roadmap and hopefully will be implemented in a future version of the software.

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