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Idea suggested by Gerald Glover 6 years ago

Many of our clients that multiple invoice addresses in the UK and abroad. It would be great to be able to add multiple invoice addresses to the system for one client and then select the relevant one when invoicing. Are we the only company who needs this functionality?

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Hi Gerald

As a Cloud product it works on the basis that invoices will be emailed and so enables multi contact email addresses, plus if there are overseas invoicees they tend to be set up as separate customers. Other than that I'd imagine that a main and delivery address would be sufficient for most users, but I may be wrong.

If it really is a problem then you can set an invoice theme to use the delivery address (which you'd leave blank) and use different project invoices for each invoicee where you could do a logo that incorporated the customer's address. I've done this on a few occasions to incorporate the organisation's address.

Hi Paul, Thanks for the comments. Multiple email addresses is fine, but we need physical invoicing addresses for the actual PDF. The solution you have used would work on the odd occasion, as you've done, but our customer base has grown significantly over the last 3 years and probably 25% of these have offices and different billing addresses globally. Not the old setup of one central accounts department anymore. Have to 'cheat' the address makes it much more time consuming. Without the correct address we don't get paid - it's that simple, as many of these companies now outsource the accounts payable.

A data set is already being held for the 1st address so adding a new data set to the database is not too hard. It maybe that we are outgrowing the current clearbooks setup, which would be a real shame as we've been in from the start and it's a great system.

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