Email tab added into the PAID view of Purchases

Idea suggested by Phil Kidd 6 years ago


I would like to suggest getting the EMAIL tab added into the PAID view of purchases?

This would save having to go back to the list of payments to then email saying we have paid.

Thanks Phil Kidd Zorba Consulting

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Great suggestion Phil! It would probably be even better if you could batch email the remittances after selecting the suppliers from a recent payment list or something along those lines.

Thanks, Victoria

I think batch email of remittances is something quite a few would like to see.

I believe that is similar to this request where a bulk email is required for paid invoices.

This sounds like a great idea and one which the development team can look into once they have finished the major projects they are currently working on and providing it gathers enough support from other users making it beneficial for a greater number. It's also worth pointing out that user can now pledge as well as vote up ideas on community so perhaps that is something you would all like to consider.

Many thanks for the idea, keep them coming :) Thanks

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