Add item name to "Sales by line item" report

Idea suggested by Tim Beard 12 years ago

I want a report that shows sales by name of item. The "Sales by line item" report shows the "Description" field but not the "Name" field of stock items. Am I missing something? I occasionally edit the descriptions over time whereas the name is the product code so it stays constant. Without the name field it makes it difficult to analyse the data. Is there any specific reason for not including the name in the report?

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I've just asked Clearbooks support exactly the same question! But looking at the date of your entry and the lack of responses i guess thats a non-starter. I'm looking to move away from Quickbooks Pro desktop onto Clearbooks, but this is a report i rely on heavily on a day to day basis, hence looking for the answer....CAN IT BE DONE?

Hello Robert,

At the moment the functionality for this is not available.

I will try to see if this is a potential addition to the software as we do have a few customers request this on occasion.

Alternatively, you can use Custom Accelerated Development for this whereby the development team will look into this at a faster rate as it will be paid for feature request. This will be implemented and will benefit all users of Clear Books.


Hi Vanish,

Thanks for your prompt response. I appreciate there would be a cost to develop this function but surely it would make sense to make this a standard feature. Any business that sells a product surely would want a report to see which customer has bought what product and when... and at what price. These historical sales reports allows future planning to help drive my business forward, it also highlights (via a manual visual check only) which customers aren't ordering certain products from me, allowing me to create driveline projects to maximise each customers potential. I currently run two smaller companies with the Clearbooks system which works fine, but my main business which is a bit more in depth will require this type of report, which I deem to be a necessity for repeat order businesses. The cloud based system is the future, if you want to gain market share from the QB and Sage customers then functions like the suggested will need to be seriously considered as a standard feature. Please take this constructively, as I want to bring across my other company, but for now the functionality just isn't there and the custom development option may simply be cost prohibitive.

I was disappointed such a basic report is not available. Even the export is flawed by the fact that it does not have item name! Surely a programmer could knock of such a report, add it to navigation and test it within a couple of hours. At the very least you could act on Tim Beard's suggestion of 4 years ago

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