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Idea suggested by Paul Scholes 4 years ago

Nothing in yesterday's Newsletter?

What's the new "Back this project" button, is it explained somewhere? How does it and/or pledging money work?

The three highest voted for (unimplemented) (non-bug-fix) improvements in Ideas are:

Tim's customer statement styling from 6 years ago John's edit paid invoices from 6 years ago and Mary's Stripe integration from (only) 5 years ago

Personally, I'm struggling to find any improvements from recent product updates that would come anywhere near 2 & 3.

Joking aside, it's been so long since we had the opportunity to steer development it would be really helpful to have a blog or email summarising unimplemented ideas from eons ago for a fresh vote from today's users, at least one of the above contributors has since retired and I'm not far off!

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for acknowledging this. I will let Darren know what you have said, though I'm sure that there will be an announcement soon.

There is an explanation of the 'Back this project' button once you click it.

Thanks Aran

Unless the Ideas section is of little significance to CB I can't understand how (yet again) we have a feature or function going live without an announcement. I know I'm not alone in finding this particular feature of use in judging where users would like the software to go and many times more interesting than yet another list of bug fixes.

Given the reason for pulling the ideas section a year ago, ie to concentrate on bug fixes, does this mean that next month's list will be far shorter?

The ideas section has opened once again so that we can keep all suggestions in one place, as we will start working through them soon.

Bug fixes will continue as they come along though I don't have information on the length of next month's list!

Thanks Aran - will look forward to it :)

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