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HSBC feed direct to ClearBooks - if you ask for it

Idea suggested by David Foster 2 years ago

HSBC Business Banking is upgrading its service at the moment. They are adding direct feeds to Sage and Zero, with "others to come soon". I've asked for ClearBooks to be very soon. I'm hoping a direct feed maintained by HSBC might be much more reliable than Yodlee. If you use HSBC, contact them and make your views known. If enough of us get in touch, they might implement it! Email to use is "bib.pilot@hsbc.com". '


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Good morning David,

Hope you're well, we really do appreciate you for being involved with the Clear Books community and helping us improve! I will forward this onto our Product Owner so that he is aware of this and maybe to plan for any future integrations.

Much appreciated,


This would be a great feature, as Yodlee works only 5 times out of 10 for me

Hi William - get in touch with your HSBC contact then, or mail the address above. The more people who contact HSBC the higher up the list of priorities it will get! If we can rouse up enough support, it might just happen.

Thanks for making me aware of this! I eventually managed to find the bank feed section in the online portal, couldn't find any additional contact information, so I've sent an email to bib.pilot@hsbc.com. I wouldn't be surprised if they had strict requirements on partners, such as ISO 27001. Fingers crossed something like this can become more popular though, because integration like this is a massive bonus. Bank reconciliation is a pain when you have to retry Yodlee 3 times in a row

I recieved the following back from HSBC this afternoon:

Hi William,

We currently have no plans for Clearbooks at the moment as we talking to the larger firms first. Once we have engaged with those and can see how much IT development resource we have remaining we will be looking at the smaller providers.



Which is unfortunate, but expected

Hi William,

Again, thank you very much for your efforts! It is unfortunate that they do not have any plans for Clear Books, but we will keep our fingers crossed.

Much appreciated,


Thanks William for posting the reply. Let's hope a few more people also ask the same question, as that may influence HSBC's perception of how many people use ClearBooks.

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