Unable to print some reports ie Reports/All/payments by customer/income by customer

Idea suggested by Trudy Griffin 10 years ago

Unable to print some reports ie Reports/All/payments by customer
Reports /All/income by customer
Quite handy reports - would be good to be able to print via pdf

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I agree with the above, it would be useful to be able to export this report, especially now I am trying to arrange Christmas gifts for good clients

Come on ClearBooks. This is such a basic expectation of all online systems now. We should have a button to export whole report or by date to at least a pdf and or a spreadsheet on all screens. Copy and paste simply is not good enough!

Hi Trudy, Sarah & Janet,

I totally see where you are coming from. This does indeed sound like it would be a very useful addition to the software and something that would be popular amongst other customers. As with all ideas on Community, the more votes and comments an idea receives the more likely it is to be considered for implementation by our developers.

Many Thanks


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