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Idea suggested by John Panton-Reynolds 8 years ago


 I wanted to be able to create a customer report but it is a bit cumbersome. I had to create 2 different reports which still didn't get me to what I wanted. 

Can Clearbooks create a drag and drop tool to pick and choose what parameters I can choose to generate custom reports. 

I can't be the only one asking for something along these lines. 


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Payment method reports : How can I produce a report showing payment methods? I am try to see all chq payments.

I want to have the ability to generate a report like this, but there is no function like this. 


Any facility to build a custom report that queries data already within Clearbooks and outputs it (whether on screen or to a CSV file) would be BRILLIANT. We've tried to get the one we would like done as a custom accelerated development but got turned down. We'd be perfectly happy to write our own reports (we already do that in our CRM system, in our document management system etc), but just need the basic facility within Clearbooks.

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