Multiple delete for bank import?

Idea suggested by Support ICS 9 years ago

Hi, we have overlapping data on our bank import each day (some entries show up later or the day after on the bank side) this means that I have to delete duplicate items each day which have already been entered from the day before.

Would it be possible to have a multiple delete facility - currently it is limited to one deletion and that takes a while for that to go through - today I had over 100 duplicate cheques to be deleted, a tick box select type multiple delete facility would be a great help.

Hopefully this makes sense.
Thanks for considering this.

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Here here I want this. Mass delete of an entire import or mutiple select and delete. The current method of removing each line is ridiculous.

Mass delete of an entire import is already possible so long as none of the transactions have been explained.

I agree re deleting multiple transactions in bulk though.

It was great to stumble upon this post. I also can be helpful here :) If you ever need to merge some documents, here is a really useful tool. Very easy to navigate and use.

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