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Idea suggested by Kevin Doran 8 years ago

Why is this view only available to admins? I want to set my clients up as users without full admin rights but with the ability to view the tax & dividends box.

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Hi Kevin - if you have the dividends permission enabled it should also mean the tax & dividends box on the widget is available. I have escalated this to the technical team to investigate and resolve.

Hi John

Nope, that doesn't work i'm afraid. Enabling the divi permission would seem to make purchases > dividends available but not the dashboard widget so i'm guessing it's one for the tech team.

It would actually be ideal if the two weren't associated as I don't particularly want my clients to be able to physically have access to purchases > divi if I can help it but letting them see the tax/divi dashboard widget would be most helpful (for the estimated CT calc more than the divi itself)


At our firm we definitely want our clients, who have a restricted access that we have created, to have access to this widget too - and urgently!!!

Agree with Ros. I've since had to give clients full admin rights to make this a possibility which is something I wanted to avoid.

HI guys

Any movement on this?

Any news about the Tax & Dividends widget being added to the dashboard for non-admin users??

Hi Kevin and Ros,

Having just asked, this idea is still in the pipeline and is yet to be implemented. Currently there is no eta we can give out on this one.

All the best, Chris

Hi all

This is a definite thumbs up for me as well.

All my existing clients have full access rights and it was only when I read this, and then looked at a new one where I've restricted their rights to ease them into CBs, that I realised that they can't see the widget.

This is their profits & dividends, not mine, and arguably one of the most important things to monitor I can't see any reason to deny them access.

As it happens, there is a complete rewrite of the dividend process underway at the mo which expands greatly on functionality both in terms of admin and the paperwork it produces and also provides an "available profits" figure, so I'll bring up this aspect when discussing its progress.

Will it finally calculate CT properly by somehow including Capital Allowances do you know Paul?

As it stands I pretty much rate the widget as useless and tell clients to remove it.

Hi Kevin - the new div feature will go by the current profits available after the estimated 20% CT.

I agree it's not perfect but, in the majority of my clients it's a fair approximation. I can understand however why you'd want to turn it off and, if say profits were tight, get your client to ask you to double check first.

The CT calculation routine is also "on the list" and my favoured "quick" solution would be to have a DIY field, where you could enter a rough + or - to the accounting profits to cater for tax adjustments, would that work for you?

Ultimately, we'll have full Corporation Tax functionality which I'm hoping can be implemented on profits to date.

Yes, I think a manual adj feature would be great - it's a shame to have to keep turning functionality off when it can be so useful if correct.

A bit like the VAT indication really, not picking up the FRS on the dashboard ends up with another 'well, that's not quite right either' comment i'm having to make.

Small groans I know but all valid in moving forward i'd have thought.

Hi, has there been any further development on the Dashboard Tax and Dividends widget?, in terms of making this available to clients without giving them full admin rights?

Its there!!! Thanks for getting this widget up for non-admin users now.

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