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Idea suggested by Brenda Stobbart 9 years ago

I do think it would be a good idea if , once you have reconciled the bank, you could
print the confirmation, either by PDF or print options.

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A neccessity to include Bank Rec in the Year End Accounts File

Hi Brenda,

Thank you for the idea. I can see how it would benefit users and give clarity. As with all our ideas, the more votes and interest it gathers the more likely it is to be implemented by our development team.

Thanks Chris

For what it's worth, if I ever had to do this I'd just capture & save a screen shot of the bank rec agreement screen or use the browsers print button and print to PDF.

I have used Sage, Quickbooks and other packages and they all have bank recon reports as staple items. Why clearbooks has not included this is beyond me. This is not a development item. Its a normal reporting item that every functional accounting package should have.

I realise you can print from browser or save screen shot but I would be quicker I am sure just to click PDF or Print option. I also think we need to see transactions reconciled by PDF

Hi All

I cut my teeth on day long formal bank reconciliations decades ago, in the days when people would have 50+ outstanding cheques and even payments in, from a paying in book, took several days sometimes to hit the bank statement. Today however, with so many transactions being done on the day, without paper. the number of unreconciled items in a bank rec are vastly reduced meaning that, for most of my clients there are no unreconciled items or, if there are, I can spot the one or two without having to do a formal bank rec.

I would suggest that this is why the two major Cloud accounting providers, FreeAgent & Xero don't, I think, have a formal bank rec facility and I have used these for nearly 5 years now without any grief from the lack of the facility.

It was nice to see therefore that CB does provide this facility and it is certainly a selling point for partners and users who still need (or like) to do a bank rec.

As far as the printing to PDF or anything else is concerned, the Browser print facility defaults to PDF and I have just created one in 5 seconds and the screen capture on my Mac saves the precise image in less than 5 seconds, so I really don't see a problem and there are many more facilities that I'd like to use developers' time for.

As Chris says though, if the votes are there the developers will react.

Cheers Paul

Well I am sure if this option and any others were implemented, you wouldn't have to use them. I suppose it depends on work load and time available which options are helpful to users.

Sorry don't have time for anymore typing.

Paul I understand what you are saying. The problem is that auditors still ask for the bank recon report in detail.

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