How can I archive closed projects?

Idea suggested by Gemma Garland 8 years ago

I want to archive closed projects, so that they no longer show on the filter project list. Does anyone know how I can do this?

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Hi Gemma,

There should be an archived status when editing a project. This status should remove the project from all search filters on different reports and menus in the system. The archived project will remain in the project list.

Is there anyway to remove projects from the projects list?

Not just yet - I shall turn this into an idea to have an archived menu for projects.

I would very much like to be able to archive projects and remove them from the filter - we are up to 000's now, and I have to scroll through them all to get to the most recent.

Hi All,

The Tools > Projects > All menu now excludes all archived projects by default, if you want to include archived projects back in the list make sure to tick the Include archived check box and hit the Find button.


Is there a way to archive multiple projects without having to open each one and individually archive it?

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