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Hi Ross,

I shall convert this to an idea so that you are updated as soon as there are any developments.

Hi Ross,

The developer estimates this as at least 2 week job.

We'll discuss this in Wednesday product management meeting and will get back to you.

I asked for this the week before too - along with the ability to enter Money In and Money Out transactions. Can you add those to the product management meeting please!

This has been given the go ahead. We estimate it to complete in about 5 weeks.
@Keith, I'll ask the developer to have a look, I think this is already on his agenda. We'll get back to you in due course.

Hi again Keith,

As for Money In/Out transactions - could you kindly create a separate idea for this? It isn't part of the expenses project.

Hi, can I just chek if this is now a part of the mobile app?

Hi John,

I have got an update from the development team who are working to push this out, and they have said their estimated time scale is the end of July. So hopefully by the end of July it should be implemented and ready to go. However this is their best estimate so it may or may not change. There should be updates on this thread when it is launched.

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