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Idea suggested by Stephen Youngs FCCA 8 years ago

It would be a very good idea if the summary page for us Bureau users could show when an EPS has been filed indicating a period of inactivity (i.e. a nil return). All those red crosses just make it look like I've forgotten something, even when there is no FPS to file.

Nice screen by the way, though would have been nice to have been told it was there rather than just stumbling across it ;-)

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Hello Stephen.

I understand from the ClearBooks team that this feature is going to be added very soon.

You may not have realised also that you can also change the agent details so that the submissions are made from your own agent login and not the ClearBooks one. This can be changed via Open Payroll, Settings, Agent details. The details needed are your HMRC website login and password.

Hi Stephen,

Yes - as it is a newly added bespoke feature requested by a customer, it was specifically designed to include certain features. As a result, there may be some adjustments that will be made to it in the future.

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