Check for duplication of imported data - such as bank statements

Idea suggested by Graeme Loudain 8 years ago

Its is quite easy to duplicate the import of all or part of a bank statement. Why not check for this and raise a warning?
Xero does it well.



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Hi Graeme,

Thanks for the idea, I'm sure our development may look to implement this in the future at some point. In the meantime, the more support this idea gathers in the community, the better chance there is of this getting implemented sooner.


FreeAgent also does this very well. Means when importing we do not have to worry about overlapping dates.


The words 'may look' and 'future' and 'at some point' used in one sentence give me little encouragement! Reminds me of Yes Minister. :)

Our own import tool should actually be doing this. I've just tested and don't see the normal warning you receive when importing an overlapping/duplicate statement. I'll raise this as a issue for our tech team to investigate.

Hello again,

can you update on Tech Team investigation please?



This is still logged with our technical team - they will update the post as soon as they have resolved the issue.


Just to let you know that the bank import tool will now check for overlapping dates and will provide a warning if you try and import a statement with dates of transactions already imported.



I would still like it to see it identify potential matches. There are times we enter balancing transactions manually which come as duplicates when we import rather than showing potential matches.

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