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Yodlee Automatic Daily Import

Idea suggested by Leigh Richardson 8 years ago

Would be great to be able to set a few points in the day which will automatically refresh yodlee to import bank statements. This way you don't have to keep going to the yodlee section and do a manual refresh.

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Or even just an automatic daily refresh would help.

Hi Barry,

This kind of depends on who you bank with - or more specifically if you use a card reader to access your account online.

Yodlee mimics the way you log in to your account - it goes through exactly the same steps as you which is why if you need to access your account using a card reader there is never going to be an automatic refresh option.

There are still a few banks that don't require a card reader - the refresh should happen automatically each day (in the morning at about 7ish). If you are included in this group let me know and I will ask our development team to investigate.

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