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Idea suggested by Daniel Marsden 7 years ago

Would be great to see a EPOS app for clearbooks similar to that of AirPOS. Would be a great addition and I'm sure a lot of people would find that useful!

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Hi Daniel, Thanks for your suggestion. That is an interesting idea. We are working on new elements and platforms for our software all the time, The more votes and comments a post receives the more likely it is to be prioritised and implemented sooner.


I feel you could scale and integrate this quite well, as you could then could have reports based on profit and loss per location, most profitable items etc.

It would be a feature I'm very keen on! We are a health and fitness company and so work from different locations. This could help our team log sales etc directly into our accounting system.


I can see what you mean, Dan, it would be a good feature for cloud based software in particular. It would be interesting to see what others think of this and if they have any additional ideas too.


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