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Idea suggested by John Quirke 8 years ago

HI, I love your package - it actually works! Unlike Xero, Sage,..... However, I do worry about using it anywhere other than a wifi I trust and that is because you don't seem to have dual factor authentication. (my apologies if you have and I've missed it). There's plenty of off the shelf solution, eg http://www.deepnetsecurity.com/products/ So would this be possible in the nearish future?

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Hi John, Thank you for your post and it's great to hear that you like our products and they do exactly what you want. As it happens, we have been thinking about introducing Dual Factor Authentication. Whilst there is no timeline for this, it is something our developers are working on and they are thinking carefully about exactly what shape this will take and what it will include. We hope to have this incorporated as soon as possible, but, in the meantime, If you have any further ideas about this we would love to hear them.

Many Thanks


Hi John,

Thanks for letting us know about your interest in Multi-Factor Authentication for Clear Books. I'm sure you can appreciate that in this day and age, data security is of utmost importance - especially for a service such as Clear Books as we have the responsibility of storing personal and financial data. Because of the nature of the data that we handle, we obviously have a vested interest in security.

Two-Factor or Multi-Factor Authentication is something that has gained popularity in the past few years - no doubt because Google and other major services offer this as a free extra layer of security for your accounts. While this is a newer concept for many people, it is not quite as new for those familiar with corporate security.

I would like to take this opportunity to re-assure you about security when accessing our services. When using any of our applications, your connection is secured with SSL or TLS encryption - your web browser will tell you that this is happening if you look at your address bar. It should look something like this: file

If anything happens that suggests your connection might not be secure, your browser will usually alert you.

Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions that you could make relating to using Multi-Factor Authentication would be a great help - points about past experiences and expectations would all be helpful.


-- David.

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