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Allow adding unallocated payments when using the import tool

Idea suggested by Richard Cooper 5 years ago

The bank statement import tool forces all money-out transactions to have associated bill. If you don't allocate the payment to an unpaid bill then the system will automatically generate an associated bill for the full payment amount. I have lots of transactions where I don't want a bill to be created, instead I want to create an unallocated cash payment to the supplier (See here for why).

I know that I can create the unallocated payment by using "Purchases > Money out" but that means that I have to leave the import tool, manually copy all of the data from the import tool into "Purchases > Money out" and then remember to delete the transaction in the import tool.

Having a way to not automatically generate an associated bill in the import tool would make my workflow a lot smoother.

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Hi Richard.

Go to Settings > Codes - find Trade Creditors, tick the show in purchases box then hit update down the bottom.

Now, when doing a bank import select the supplier as normal but allocate it to Trade Creditors instead of an expense account.

For the opposite, set Trade Debtors to show in sales.


Thank you! That looks like exactly what I wanted.

Clearbooks Folks: I think this idea still stands. Kevin's suggestion works but to a newcomer it's a bit magical. It could do with being made more explicit and discoverable in the UI. Or, at the very least, add it to the documentation.

Pleasure - now just trust me on that transfer/contra issue ;-)

As a side note, I think little things like this highlight the need to work in conjunction with an accountant as opposed to going it alone just because there's some software available (not saying that's what you're doing here of course).

Hi Richard and Kevin,

Indeed, Kevin is right once again. That will work, but I also think it is a good idea to add something simpler and more user friendly in the future. We are constantly improving and streamlining our system, plus we are in the process of releasing new and improved user guides, so watch this space and we should have more in depth explanations and instructions available soon.


It would maybe be nice to simply have an option called Payments On Account or something similar, doing the exact same thing I describe behind the scenes just making it more obvious to the general user.

I guess it's finding that balance between ease of use and confusing things by adding in too many options though.

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