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Suggestion for improved GoCardless integration

Idea suggested by Chris Scullard 5 years ago

Obviously there currently is integration with GoCardless as we can collect payments from within Clearbooks. The issue I have though is that some of my clients prefer to login to GoCardless directly to collect the payments, particularly variable payments that they want to schedule. Last time I checked you couldn't schedule a payment from with Clearbooks.

Given that people do collect payments from within GoCardless itself, it would be very useful if there was a mechanism whereby Clearbooks could drag these payments out of GoCardless (much like the PayPal or Yodlee integrations)

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Hi Chris,

That's a very interesting point. Currently there is no way for Clear Books to pick up that a transaction has been made via GoCardless without using Clear Books itself. I can see that this would be useful as currently you would have to enter the details in yourself. But as far as the system is concerned this is not a Clear Books transaction. I am not sure what can be done to support this, but the more comments and support it receives the more likely it is to be looked at by our technical development team.




I imagine it would need something along the lines of the yodlee integration, or possibly the Receipt Bank integration. A Yodlee style integration is likely far too complex though. I'm far from an expert in these things but something along the lines of the Receipt Bank process would hopefully be more straightforward, where Clearbooks 'logs in' to GoCardless and drags out the data.

Just a thought, and as I say, I'm not an expert so no idea how complex this might be in practice.

Chris Scullard

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