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Yodlee Status updates

Idea suggested by Nigel Hoar 6 years ago

please - put a date stamp on your Yodlee status updates so we know how up-to-date the info is

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Hi Nigel - Excellent suggestion that will now be implemented.

Problem importing from HSBC. Says to check 'Status Updates' but this is the only relevant page I could find. Anyone else having issues with this today?

Just to clarify that's an issue with Yodlee importing from HSBC 3rd Sep 2014 at 12 Noon

Hi Fiona,

I am sorry that you experienced some difficulties while uploading your statements through Yodlee. I replied to your ticket a few minutes ago and it looks like your Yodlee is up and running.


It would be good to automate the updates to the status page as I understand this is manually maintained at the moment.

You could simply record the status of every yodlee request, the bank requested, and a timestamp.

This data could then be presented in various tables, e.g. showing the top 10 banks and the % of requests that worked in the last hour, last 24 hours, last week for each bank.

You could also have an overall 'uptime' graph for Yodlee as a whole.

I was referred to check the status page updates but only found it from Paul's message above. Cant see how this would be found any other way. Under which heading etc.

Also, may I respectfully suggest that now would be a good time to update the help guides to match the new toolbars. Would have been even better to have done this in advance of rolling out the new toolbars ;o)

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