Corporation tax return and Self assesment return reports

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Could you look into adding on the above. I understand many may wish the expense and comfort of talking over their year end with accountants but for those of us who think it is an unnecessary cost this would be a great help.

I think many other businesses would like the option of not having to (over) pay accountants - the users of clearbooks (if the accounts are kept correctly) are doing most of the work nowadays, accountants seems a legacy, offering the option of completing the accounts without the (large) expense of using an accountant would be a great option and feature for your company.

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Thanks for the idea. I can see how this would be a useful addition for some users. As with all our ideas, the more popular it is and the more support it receives the more likely it is to be implemented by our developers.

Many Thanks



Just to say that "Final Accounts" company and self assessment are all currently in the Company's road map and the former is not now far away. Just to say though that, with the electronic "tagging" needed of company accounts and tax returns, this is a huge project.

As an accountant, you may be surprised to hear that I agree with most of what you say, the more I can get my clients to do of the mundane form filling, accounts and compliance stuff the better, as it leaves me to do the valuable things that are worth paying for.

Having said that there are company and tax law aspects of accounts and tax returns that may not be obvious to non-accountants. So you can prepare and submit your accounts and tax returns without query year after year but they may have errors that only a trained accountant would be aware of.

Anyway, if nothing else, it is sometimes worth paying for someone just to check over what you have done for a nominal fee, it could be a fraction of the penalties and interest if HMRC open a check.

Cheers Paul

Agree would really like to see this feature

I'd love a corporate tax return and self assessment report to be generated by clearbooks - it would be such a great help come tax time.

Super idea that is what I am looking for. Was using Basetax who do this already but their software is a bit unstable.

Thank you for your suggestions, I will submit these for consideration.

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