Mutiple Suppliers per bill for expenses

Idea suggested by Alistair Wood 6 years ago

This was originally posted as a question, link to the thread below but it sounds like I should move it to the ideas area so that hopefully it gets considered for future updates.

Ok so scenario would be I go on a business trip, pay for various items with my own personal money and want to make an expenses claim for the various costs incurred, mileage, parking, food, tip on food bill etc. I would have assumed that all this would be put onto one expenses claim submitted by myself as an employee and then reimbursed by the company. However this does not really work using the current expenses claim functionality. Firstly there is only one supplier field for all items, my parking and food do not come from the same supplier but I don't want to create a claim per line item I want one claim with multiple line items from multiple suppliers. Lastly you can't combine mileage along with other types of items into this one expense claim either which would also make sense to me.


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Hello Alistair,

Thanks for the repost for your Idea.

If other users feel that this is a nice idea to have, we would look into adding this in the future.


This would definitely be useful.

Yes I agree. A standard expense report, showing all transactions for the trip, from whichever supplier, will allow management approval of the whole rather than individual expense receipts. I had assumed this was inside CB when I bought it actually. I'm still using ExpensIT on my iPhone because of this. Its brilliant but I wanted to have everything in one system By the way is there a way to import from ExpenseIT into CB? Maybe that would solve my problem Thanks - John

We also find the Clearbooks system quite poor and use Expensify for any serious expenses which we then input as one transaction to CB. Far from ideal.

Sounds like there is a bit of a theme here and it's not just me wanting something out of the ordinary. Would be great to get at least the basics of multiple suppliers per expense claim into the product as it looks a relatively easy change I would have thought and would be enough to make it usable in the short term at least.

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