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Idea suggested by Kevin Doran 8 years ago

The more I look at the P&L in CB's, the more I think it needs a complete re-jig.

That report in particular forms a fundamental part of the financial aspect of any business, if as an accountant i'm struggling to read it I feel for general users out there.

I've already posted on my first issue https://secure.clearbooks.co.uk/community/ideas/7354/reports-such-as-p-l-and-bs-without-the-month-by-month-breakdown which relates to being forced to view it on a month by month basis. Yes it's great to have the option but a single YTD option would prove valuable. I've just looked at Kasflow, Xero, VT and GNU and they all support a single YTD figure (i'd suspect most do in all honesty). Xero actually comes with a whole host of options as shown below.




My other major gripe with the current report is the way the various subtotals are shown. Again, yes it's handy to have the option to see total salaries, total travel, total communications etc, but to have it forced upon you really makes for difficult viewing at times, especially with the whole monthly clutter.

Oh and of course there's Andy's point re gross profit which is pretty essential https://secure.clearbooks.co.uk/community/ideas/6292/gross-profit-total-in-p-l

To me, the average P&L should be viewable on a single portrait PDF, something that's currently impossible with the current layout.

Example of VT as a point of reference - you don't get much easier to read than that:


PS (added late) Please remove all the 'snazzy' shading too!! ;-)

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Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your brilliant feedback suggestion, it is always appreciated from a very valued customer. Now that it is posted on our idea's page, It will gather support amongst our many users and this will determine the level of priority in terms of being implemented. Nevertheless, I will use my position in anyway possible to accelerate the development of this idea, as I equally agree the P&L report on CBs is in need of an overhaul.


All the best,


I have to agree with Kevin and as mentioned in the previous thread Kevin refers to, BS and TB reports could also do with some amending.



How about the P&L in the management report? Looks pretty conventional, and you can compare two periods, would be good to match that in the main P&L report which I agree is of little use in reality, especially without a GP figure.

Much better actually Paul, thanks for pointing that out.

On that basis, it surely shouldn't be too difficult for somebody to start implementing some of the changes at least.

You canot drill down on the numbers in the P&L in the management report, which is a pain.

I agree the P & L definitely needs work. I would like to be able to see a more basic version and also something that you can customise too. (I know the competition have just brought this in!!)


We have a gross profit line now.



That was sneaky Vanish, was training Tuesday and told them, not to expect too much from the P&L especially as it had no GP!

I have to be honest and turn off YTD in Xero and always set a period as it's very rare that the books are right up to date and so you get a month or few weeks with meaningless figures included.

Although, intrinsically no different, if you hit the PDF button you get the P&L on a white sheet, without the grey shading, AND a drill down. I find it nicer to show clients. This isn't on the Balance Sheet though

Anyway, of all the changes I think the ability to collapse the monthly analysis would be good and would really declutter the screen. None of my clients do monthly accounts these days, quarterly is usually more useful.

Oh yes, add removing all the shading to my initial list please! ;-)

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