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Idea suggested by Amy Habashi 11 years ago

When you click on to a amount in the report, it takes you to all the Invoices/Bills and you have to work out what invoices/bills are overdue. It would make life much easier if when you clicked on the amount it takes you through to ONLY the invoices/bills that are overdue.

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i would like to print a detailed debtors report , can you help

Hi Peter

The aged debtors report only gives the total outstanding and you will have drill into it to see the detail behind the numbers.

However you can go to Tools>Export>and choose Sales Ledger in the drop down box and the specify the dates you wish to export the information for. You then need to tick the small check box and when you press Go, system downloads the sales invoices as a csv file.

You can save this csv as an excel work book and then create a filter on the status column and choose only unpaid invoices. You can then sort this report by company which will give you the list of all invoices by customer outstanding with the days they are overdue.

I have attached screen shots from a demo account to give you an idea.

Hope this will help you get a detailed debtors listing.

Best regards


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