setting off overpayment against amount received to repay this

Idea suggested by Martin Briggs 7 years ago

I have just had a case where a client overpaid a supplier and then eventually had this money repaid. Apparently there is no way to match these in ClearBooks. To make the situation worse, support confirm that they get lots of complaints about this (Not surprising - it must be quite a common situation - and for customers overpaying also)

Please can you set up some way to do this rather than the really awful, very complicated workaround required.

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Hi Martin,

Thank you for raising this. It seems that this would definitely be something that many people would want to see. Therefore, the more people who show their support for this idea, the more chance there is of our developers working on a way to make this work better for you.


it is somewhat frustrating that ClearBooks feels it needs the endorsement of the user community before it makes what is clearly an improvement and would undoubtedly be of benefit to many users, even if they do not feel strongly enough about it to complain or vote for it.

If you insist on only acting on 'popular improvements, as evidenced by votes on this channel', then perhaps you should do some research to see how widely used this channel is and by whom

Hi Martin,

I do understand your point. Unfortunately we have to treat everything equally and go by what will benefit the greatest number. I am unable to comment on what the development team are looking into, however, I am sure that this idea will be seen by them soon. I can bring it to their attention to see what they think.


Perhaps the team should have the discretion to promote a small number of ideas that they deem worthwhile, in parallel to the current system. In view of the number of likes that ideas get, it hardly seems a very representative or greatly used feature (and therefore I suggest should not be the sole means of getting improvements selected)

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