Undo - I make mistakes

Idea suggested by Richard Newstead 7 years ago

I make mistakes. I click things and regret it. Unfortunately Clearbooks does not seem to have an UNDO option most of the time. Sure, I can work around stuff but an undo facility (especially when reconciling imported bank statements, would be great.

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We all make mistakes!!

But in Clearbooks you can delete a payment, which you've already matched to the wrong Invoice (or even supplier/customer) to an imported bank statement - Clearbooks then moves that invoice back to unpaid AND gives you the bank statement item back to reconcile to the correct item.

I think unseen to us users Clearbooks actually creates an audit trail, but hides these voided transactions from view as if they have been "deleted" as occasionally I have come across voided transactions when working in several screens at the same time.

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