What we’re working on -- 12th May 2015

News posted by Hayley Goggin 6 years ago

What we have done

  • As we reported in the last update, the monthly version of the budget comparison, in addition to the year-to-date comparison, is now complete
  • In the CRM, you can now see income from a customer over a selected time period — in the customer list
  • Users can now assign a project to an actual invoice or bill upon import
  • As per last fortnight’s update, you can now export bank transactions from the ‘bank screen’.

What we are doing

  • We’re working on allowing customers to generate a report of ‘VAT-able’ invoices
  • At the moment it’s not possible to export budget vs actual performance into a PDF, so we are working hard to make this possible.

Payroll updates (to go live shortly)

  • New Design to the Payrun/Process page
  • The Payrun process is now broken-down into Pre-tax and Post-tax payments and deductions, and allows you to specify custom reasons
  • Bonus, Overtime and Commission fields have now been removed - these can now be added if needed with the "Add Payment" option. (Tips remain a separate field, as these are calculated differently by HMRC.)
  • Statutory payments (such as SSP, SMP, SPP and ShPP/ASPP) are hidden by default and can be added by clicking "Add Statutory Payments"
  • We now support Post-tax or Non-taxable payments, such as Termination Pay.
  • We now support displaying quantities. E.g. fixed sales commissions can now be calculated by Rate/Amount multiplied by Quantity. This will be shown on the Payslip
  • Payment, PAYE and National Insurance contributions are updated as you fill in the Payrun page, so you can see how much your employees will be paid, and how much tax they will pay

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Looking forward to the payroll updates.

I just want the CIS verification part of the program to work. But yes I am looking forward to the new parts of the wages as with them I can put clients onto the payroll part of the system. Just need the supplier payments to be sorted out so that you can select multiple invoices for payment and get a total automatically put into the bank payment box. Actually it would be good to be able to export bank payments so that they could be imported directly into on line banking systems as well. Then this will be a perfect program to recomend to any client.

I'd lov.e you to update the management report so it is capable of including a full year of data (rather than 8 months) and year to date totals in the P&L. We've had to stop sending this to clients as they consistently ask why the P&L in the report doesn't show the total

Yes I agree with that. In my experience many clients want to see two columns - last month and YTD.

We have been spoiled by the reports in TAS Books in the past.

While 12 column reports are useful to our clients and us, TAS provided four column reports to give up to a four year comparison on both P&L and Balance Sheet. As clients are building up more history on ClearBooks, to compare years on one screen would be really useful.

Interesting that others are coming over from Tas to Clear Books, we have been really spoiled by Tas being such a good program and I suppose it says a lot for Clear Books that we are here.

Hi Hayley - you say "At the moment it’s not possible to export budget vs actual performance into a PDF, so we are working hard to make this possible." Do you mean export to CSV? I can see that it's possible already to export to PDF, but CSV would be considerably more helpful for us!


Hi Charles,

It sounds like the management report (available under Reports > Management report) may do what you're looking for.

It allows you to create a report over a customisable date range - so for example in your case you could configure it to show the last 4 years as follows:

(note that you will need to click "Show advanced options" to see the date options)


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