Announcement: Updates to Imports/Exports in Clear Books

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There are a number of new changes in Clear Books in relation to the import/export feature as a result of Brexit. These changes are listed below, however, for a more detailed look please see our guide:

Global Imports/Exports Guide

  1. The wording on the toggle for the import/export options has been updated. If you had the old toggle enabled in the past then it will still be enabled.

We have added a new sub toggle specifically for Northern Ireland businesses. This will allow NI businesses to submit an EC sales list and select specific import/export VAT treatments on invoices that apply to Northern Ireland. If you are a UK business and submitted EC sales lists via Clear Books in the past, this toggle will be enabled for you by default. You can disable this if you no longer want to view your previous EC sales submissions.


  1. Anyone with the ‘Northern Ireland imports & exports to EU’ sub toggle enabled will be able to access the EC sales list and submission menus in Clear Books - found on the Reports>All menu.

Remember if you do not have a business registered in Northern Ireland you no longer need to submit an EC sales list

HMRC Guidance: How to report sales of goods from Northern Ireland to the EU for VAT

  1. There are some changes to the text shown in the green boxes of the VAT return specifically for boxes 2, 4, 8 and 9. These boxes will now only be relevant to NI businesses.

  2. The VAT treatments on invoices and bills have been tweaked. We have added some new treatments, updated some existing ones and removed some that no longer apply. Any invoices you have created in the past with our original VAT treatments will remain with the treatment they were given and behave in the way the VAT original VAT treatment behaved.

Standard Scheme





Flat Rate Scheme





*if fixed asset account code used on bill over £2000

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Hi, looking at the new VAT treatments, where would you class Services Exported as covering?

Hi Mohamed, in the system there is an additional option for sales invoices 'Digital Services to EU Customer'. I believe this only relates to B2C, but it isn't mentioned in your blog post and could be confusing for those who supply digital services B2B. Perhaps the description could be tweaked for clarity?

Stephen, I am so glad I came across this post because we supply B2B digital services and I have (it seems incorrectly) been selecting this VAT treatment.

Hi Katie,

Anywhere outside the UK. Though please do always check with an accountant to confirm the correct treatments.

All the best,

Hi Perry,

That's now been updated. I hope this helps.

All the best,

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