Invoices: All or Unpaid, which is more important?

News posted by Vanish Patel 7 years ago

Invoices tab order change

We have recently changed the order of the tabs in the invoice related pages so to make it more logical.

Sales and Invoices menus take you to All

As a consequence the menu items Sales or Sales > Invoices now take you to the All the invoices, whereas before you were taken to the Unpaid ones.

We suspected some find Unpaid invoices more important than All, but got the green light after an extremely limited user survey.

Quite expectedly, some users have found the change to be annoying (an extra click to get to the unpaid tab).

You also have to consider new users who find it little intuitive that clicking on Sales takes you to the unpaid tab.

Back to unpaid

While the tab order will remain, we are about to change the menu links so they take you to the Unpaid tab like before.

Let us know what's more important to you

But we want to design a solution that will satisfy all, so we wish to know:

Which do you use more: The All tab or the Unpaid tab?

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Definitely a step backwards. I click the sales tab to see, at a glance, who is yet to pay their invoices. I never use the 'paid' or 'all' tabs - if I'm looking for a paid invoice I will always just search for it. This change just adds another step in seeing unpaid invoices, I think it is unintuitive.

Perhaps you could add a preference so users can set their own default tabs, but for me this is definitely a step back.

Seem to remember clearbooks changing this a while back but changed it back from user feedback if I remember correct.

I never use the "all" tab except the odd occasion to search for a paid invoice.

Please bring back the unpaid tab as the default :)

Given that I and clients regularly visit the Sales tab to create invoices and only look at "unpaid" once or twice a month I think the order is OK and having All at front is logical. Plus the Aged Debtors report is probably used more by my clients to check/chase outstanding debts.

To be honest, as you don't need to actually click the Sales tab, ie with hover on you get the list of sub-tabs, it doesn't actually make much difference.

I certainly use the 'all' tab more often than 'unpaid' but maybe that's a reflection of my job role.

As Paul says though, I general select using the hover so didn't even notice the difference.

There is also an issue of consistency.

The sales tab is now defaulting to Sales > Invoices > All while the billing side still continues to Purchases > Bills > Unpaid.

Changing one without the other will make it awkward.


Definitely default to 'Unpaid' - that is what any business is interested in most!

Keep sales and purchases the same with UNPAID as the default for both

@Paul - funny how we're the only ones who want to see all - definitely a job role thing.

I stand defeated....

I would like to see Unpaid as default too.

Considering we are a pay on purchase ecommerce business defaulting to all works better for me but I can see why most would want unpaid.

Suggest if unpaid is empty default to all?

Definitely unpaid - I have yet to ever have a need for the all screen yet use unpaid a minimum of twice daily

Unpaid! - this is really obvious I would have thought, you obviously picked that for a reason in the beginning, well that reason still stands now.


+1 for Unpaid. Again, if I want to find the paid invoices, of which there will be potentially hundreds, I expect to have to hunt and search. But for unpaid, I want to see these straight away.

Alright then,

We'll be changing these menu links to point to unpaid again.

I'll let you know when live - shouldn't take long.

The fix is now live - the menu links now take you to the unpaid tab.

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