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Barclays and Yodlee again

Problem reported by Chris Caspell 5 years ago

I thought that I would try Yodlee feeds again. As has been mentioned on a number of occasions, when it works it is fantastic, but more often than not it doesn't - which is frustrating.

I started using it at the beginning of March 2015 and my Santander accounts appear to be importing correctly, and have been throughout the month, however after an initial connection with Barclays I keep getting the following error:

"Yodlee had trouble updating your account because of technical difficulties their end. This error is usually resolved within a few days. Please check the Status Updates page to see if this is a known issue before attempting to contact support."

I have had this for over a week, despite coming back to refresh regularly. I also tried deleting the link to both the account on Clear Books and also the Yodlee bank feed, set it all up again but I still get the same error. On the status page it says "There are currently no bank specific issues with Yodlee" so I wonder if this can be looked at.


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Hi Chris,

I've just tried our own Barclays feed and it seems to be working.

I'll raise this with Yodlee, however when you log in to Barclays online which option do you select from the following?


Thanks for your message. I use my membership number - which worked on the initial import.

I have just tried refreshing again and I am getting the same error.

That's the method we use too. Ok just to confirm again I am going to go through every stage of adding the Barclays feed - can you try deleting your feed completely and re-adding as I have done and let me know which stages are not available?

  1. Re-add the feed on the Money>Yodlee>All menu


  1. Add in as much info as you can - we don't have a passcode or memorable word


  1. Perform the initial import.


  1. A pop up message should then appear


  1. You will then be requested to add in last 4 digits of the card in the pop up window


  1. And then add in the pin sentry number


  1. A confirmation of request should be displayed


  1. The feed should tell you to come back in 5 minutes


  1. After 5 minutes the feed should be displaying any accounts that you have with Barclays click on the link to an account link for each of them in turn


  1. Select an account to link to and an appropriate date - you will most likely want to start from when it last stopped working


  1. Once the accounts are linked to the feeds, the statements should come through in the next 5 mins or so on the Money>bank accounts menu.

If any of these stages do not work as above just let me know exactly where. Thanks

Hmm sorry for the numbering sequence, apparently the community does not like numbers incrementing by 1.

LOL @ numbering sequence. I thought programmers started counting at 0 anyway.

That is exactly the process that I went through. I entered the membership number but not the card number but thought that only the name was needed as that is the only box that has a star next to it.

I will try again putting in my card details and let you know how I get on.

Hi John,

I have just deleted the Yodlee link and reinstated it with both my membership number and card details. I get the exact same error (see screen shot below).


No problem Chris - I have created a ticket with Yodlee. They should be able to work out what is wrong and hopefully shed some light on why it works for some and not others. I will let you know as soon as they have resolved.

Hi Chris,

I haven't had any confirmation from Yodlee yet, however one of our other customers, who was having similar issues, let me know all is well (Yodlee related) again for him today. Are you having any joy now?

Thank you John. It appears to be working again now. As I said in my first post - when it works it is a real joy but when it doesn't it makes you want to scream.

Thank you for your help.

Excellent new Chris! Yodlee can indeed be a pain at times - I like to think it is improving though - or at least improving the turn around time for fixes.

Anyone else still have problems with Yodlee Barclarys

The user interface for adding the feed is shockingly aweful - It prompts for username, membership number etc... but give absolutely no feedback to confirm if those details are correct. It simply comes back with an empty form.

Come on ClearBooks, this feature is years old, it should have been fixed by now. Once again I am locked out of my barclays feed

The message I now get is: Failed to refresh, this could be because you have already refreshed your account recently. and Your account was not updated because the request was cancelled.

Which is wasn't

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