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Problem reported by Shirley Wyatt 6 years ago

Hi, I changed an account code for a supplier. Is there a way of changing the account code for all past purchases from the supplier? I know to change the actual supplier details, so that future purchases are correct, but i'm just wondering if a 'bulk change' of past purchases is possible?

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Hello Shirley,

If you head to Purchases > Bills > Unpaid, you will see a bulk edit option on the top right hand side of the page which will allow you to edit the account code of those bills. You can also filter on that particular supplier. However, the bulk edit option will only appear if there are several unpaid bills to edit.

As Michael said but disagree ever so slightly. It's Purchases > All I think you need to head to in order to find the bulk edit option (doesn't seem to be available in unpaid) then once clicked it'll allow you to edit all bills in bulk, not just the unpaid ones.

Hi, Can I do this for the paid ones please?

I don't believe you can differentiate between paid/unpaid when editing so you'll just have to know which ones you don't want to touch.

Sorry, I don t understand. I wanted to edit all of the bills to date, only for one particular supplier. Can you talk me through that?

Purchases > All

Look over on right, you should see a bulk edit option - click it

Then just select the supplier from the dropdown, click find.

You can then amend the account over on the far right. Once done, press update down the bottom.

Screenshots below...



Thank you. So you do actually need to go into each individual bill? I was wondering if you could change all bills for a particular Supplier, paid and unpaid, without going to each individual bill. I needed to change about 30 bills, paid and unpaid, from 'cost of sales' to 'plant' account code

No need to actually go into each bill individually but you will have to change the account dropdown over on the right as per my second screenshot then hit update down the bottom.

Thanks, not quite what I'd hoped for! ;-)

It'll literally take about 30-60 seconds or so for 30ish bills i'd say.

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