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Sorting Ideas by Most Liked doesnt work?

Problem reported by Graeme Loudain 6 years ago


My understanding was that CB at least biased new developments and updates on "Ideas with most Likes". In fact a blog has just been issued suggesting we look at the top 5 most liked Ideas in April.

So it seems appropriate to go to the Ideas Forum and sort them by Most Liked. It doesn't work. If the number of likes is the number in the right hand column.

Am I pressing the wrong button?



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Hi Graeme,

When you are in the Ideas section, not in a specific post, you should have an option to list by most liked. This then does arrange the posts according to the number next to the 'thumbs up symbol'. I have tested this and it is exactly what it does. May I heck what browser and operating system you are using, please?


Hello Chris Windows 7 and Chrome

The thumb is there and I can click on most liked, which turns it from blue text to black text and alters the sequence of the Ideas, but the numbering sequence has no logic.

Screen shot attached,



Ah. Maybe I am being very silly. I assumed the column headed 'Most Liked' was above the 'Likes'.

Oh, no, Graeme. That column is the number of comments. The likes are to the left and seem to be in the correct order from what I see.

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