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Column widths too small

Problem reported by Andy Miller 5 years ago

As a newbie am I right in thinking the column widths cant be adjusted in the bill or invoice listings? I am using a high res screen but you cant see all of customers bill number in the listing which is very frustrating. If its not a setting that I've missed cant you do something about this as a priority? I cant believe I'm the only one to have this problem.

Screenshot included - which also shows the wasted area of the screen


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Hi Andy,

There are no options to widen the columns at the moment - I will forward this on to the UX team to review. Which account is this screen shot taken from - I presume this is on the Purchases>Bills>All menu?

So, have found the problem is not the display of the PO field, that can be a PO of any length it just wraps the field. The problem is that I was looking at importing records and the import cuts the PO field - and of course as the PO field has to be unique that a BIG problem which right now I have no idea how to solve!

We purchased ClearBooks on the basis of being able to import the records and had no idea you would cut such a crucial field

That should have read "was looking at imported records" not importing records

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