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Problem reported by Ruth Gee 6 years ago


I am trying to add a new user and it won't let me as it says it's an invalid email address. Is there a problem with addresses?


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Hi Ruth - that format should be fine as long the actual address has a valid signature. I know Natasha is helping you with this now - I think this will most likely need to be escalated to the technical team as the email address was registered in the Fubra Passport originally there was a conflict when switching to our own log in system a few years ago. I take it they haven't been able to log in for a while?

I am trying to invite the same user with a different email address as the previously registered one is no longer in use. So in effect it's a brand new user (with the same name but a completely different email address...odd!

Hi Ruth,

It looks like that company address isn't a registered domain, so that is why the system is saying it isn't valid. Is there perhaps an alternate email address that can be used?

But that's the email address I email him on - why won't it work?

Hang on there's a random 's' I have missed out!! Doh! Will get back to you...

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