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Edit product icon disappears when select view all in product list

Problem reported by Andy Miller 5 years ago

In looking at our product list I need to view all - looking at 20 at a time is not practical! Yet when I do this the ability to edit an item disappears.

I'm viewing using Chrome on a MacBook Pro with 1680 X 1050 resolution (default for model). Magnification is at normal (100%)

Surely this should be a quick fix issue?

Screen shot attached

PS as you can see I have also some trouble editing the attachment :-(






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That's odd - I can't seem to re-create although I am on a PC (seems strange that Chrome on a mac could be the cause, although I can't rule out anything). Do you get the same results in both Safari and Firefox?

Safari does display correctly. I don't have Firefox (does anyone nowadays?). The fact ClearBooks works on Safari may not solve the problem. I work with A Google Partner and most of those coming on to use Clearbooks in the next few weeks access via ChromeBooks. True, I have not yet asked anyone with a ChromeBook to try this out yet. BTW on Chrome even when displaying only 20 records whilst it displays the pencil icon I did not know there were two icons to the right of this as they are not displayed. Perhaps the problem is just a little bit of CSS that Chrome is more sensitive to than the others?

Firefox are doing a big push on getting more people to use it at the mo - I think it's quite popular with our devs. It's certainly a lot better then IE :)

I have just tried viewing on a Mac - seems to be ok on either Chrome or Safari for me. I will ask one of our front end devs on Monday to investigate this further. I'll update you as soon as this is done.


I just thought of something. I have been a beta tester on Chrome for mac for so long had clean forgotten about it. This does not usually cause any issues and dates back to when I was involved with testing site development. However in this case it may be significant. The version I'm using is Version 44.0.2403.39 beta (64-bit) and I'm using Yosemite OS

I'll report it to Chrome - it remains odd though that there is a difference between the screen when it shows 20 records and 'all' if the code is clean for the page. Also I have not noticed any issues with other sites - so far at least.


Just to confirm and apologise. The problem was with the browser. When rolled out back to previous version it was all OK.

Ah - I was about to let you know one of our front end devs replied to me late yesterday to let me know that it could indeed be this - glad to know it's ok for you now :)

Have a good evening!

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