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Uploading the invoice index.html

Problem reported by Andy Miller 5 years ago

I took the option offered under invoice styling to download as a zip file the index.html page and"edit in my favourite editor'. What I dont understand is how you now upload this file.

This is an urgent matter because any one email address we have now cant go on Quotes, POs and invoices without causing chaos within our organisation so I wish to remove it entirely.

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Hi Andy,

Is it a bespoke invoice template you are trying to upload?

Hi Andy,

With this option, once you have finished editing the CSS, you simply copy and paste it back into the theme editor on the system. This can either be over the top of the existing theme or into a brand new template.


Its not the style sheet though its the index.html page. The problem is that your invoices - POs and Quotes all show the same email address for reply and this would cause chaos in our organisation. As a very poor work around to having correct email addresses for each function I simply wanted to remove this email address.

If someone was able to simply remove our organisation email address for the invoice called "Version1" that would be superb service :-) . I can see exactly what needs doing on the HTML page but have no means (as far as I know) to upload this.

There a couple of options you could try, Andy.

If you create and assign projects to emails with project invoices Toggled on, you can have different details and addresses displayed. Another option is to use a registered address and a billing address, this way you can choose which one to display.

For a more refined and precise answer, I will have to speak with the technical team and see if there is a way around this for you.

Thanks Chris

I'm not sure I follow because the email address appears in the Contact details, whilst the registered address and the trading address are below this and do not contain email addresses.

I have not been able to find any other template that does not use this one email address which appears in ORGANISATION>DETAILS>CONTSCT DETAILS for everything.

If there was anyway to remove this email address entirely on our account, this would be of enormous help as I am not sure how we can proceed otherwise.


Hi Andy,

Having spoken with my colleague, I have been informed that, unfortunately these changes are not possible. It is not possible to edit or replace that template (such as moving things beyond what the CSS would allow), as the output of the invoice is tied to the accounting software.

I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


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