YARE (Yet Another Rounding Error)

Problem reported by Daniel Dainty 5 years ago

There is a difference of how the rounding is calculated between the VIEW and the EDIT views in Clearbooks.

In Clearbooks:


But if you edit it:


See the rounding error? So, which one is right?

In Excel:




Spot the odd one out! This is the third problem I've had with rounding errors. Consider my confidence dented.

I reported this previously and got the response "we've manually edited it for you" when actually the response I wanted was "oh wow, thanks for pointing this out, we'll fix the system straight away because rounding errors are horrific"

Can someone please give this the urgency it deserves?

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Sorry Daniel - this has been escalated with the technical team. It has been reported before, however has been pushed back as it is going to take a large amount of development resource time to fix.

I have been informed that there may be a quicker solution which will be investigated and I will let you know of any developments on this. Over the next fe months the technical team are currently on a big push on reliability and improvements to existing features rather than time spent on other projects.

Thanks, John. I reported this on ticket #4/75203 on 7th May so it is disappointing to say the least that this is still occurring.

The impact to you, Clearbooks, is that whenever one of these gets created I will notify you, you get a ticket in the queue, somebody has to manually correct it on the system/database, and then I can process it as I would do normally. So by just sitting on it (I realise it may not be your fault or intention to sit on it) it is just slowly draining your resources.

The other impact is that it makes me, the business-owner, look silly and question my choice of accounting software. Hence my amazement at why, two months on, it hasn't been addressed.

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