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Problem reported by Marie Hughes 7 years ago

I have THREE accounts with Clearbooks for different clients, and always recommend them. HOWEVER the delay in any noteable progress with auto-enrolment means I may no longer be singing their praises!!

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Hi Shirley - can you say what it is you want to see or that you think CB should cater for?

At present, when you click into the 'auto enrolment' tab in Payroll CB enables you to enter your staging date, and nothing else. Sage has the ability to accept employee details for auto-enrolment. I'm unsure how it all works, as I've not reached my staging date yet, but I don't think CB has made any progress with regard to auto-enrolling employees. Do you know different?

Hi Shirley - to see the eligibility report, change your staging date on the screen to some time in the past and hit Find and it will give you a series of Older periods reports starting with the month of the staging date, with the names of employees who are eligible or not.

The developers are working on more AE functionality to come in for the new year when the majority of staging dates happen.

Sage payroll is designed to cover most payrolls, Clear Books is not, and so the AE functions for Sage will always be far more extensive that those needed by the majority of CB users and so matching all Sage features would be a waste of time.

CB really do need feedback though from users over AE and so make a post in the Ideas section for the basic features you will need, and others can vote on them.

All the best

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