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Avast antivirus malware block cdn.rawgit.com?

Problem reported by Chris Fuge 5 years ago

Hi, has anyone else had a problem with Avast or any other antivirus program, blocking a possible threat on clearbooks called cdn.rawgit.com? When I login to Clearbooks I get a popup from Avast warning me. No idea if this really is malware or not. Differing opinions when Googled, but most opinions seem to point at the website involved being possibly infected, ie Clearbooks. Any thoughts? Cheers, Chris.


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Hi Chris,

This is an example of the offending line from the Clearbook web page:

This is what we call a Content Delivery Network, rather than having all the code or images on Clearbooks own web servers, it allows us to share the load (make things quicker for the end user/you).

Web applications such as Clearbooks do not like re-inventing the wheel every time they need a feature for the website, so instead they use respected tool kits to accomplish tasks. In this example they are using a tool kit to allow them to access/request information from services. This is ok and acceptable practice.

The problem here is that AVG for many reasons have put this website domain name (cdn.rawgit.com) into a blacklist - and such you (and anyone else using AVG accessing this domain) receive the warning.

I suggest you follow the link about reporting it as a false positive, perhaps pasting the source below as being OK.


PS: I don't work for Clearbooks, so I am posting based on my understanding in hopefully plain english ;-)

David your analysis is correct - this is a false positive by Avast.

Chris - you should report this as a false positive

Thanks David and Craig, I thought as much. All the best for Christmas and 2016.

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