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Problem reported by Garry Clarke 5 years ago

When we came to process payroll today we found that the employers pension contribution was not being automatically entered, previously this always worked. However we can add it manually. The pension contribution is to a private pension and not in the auto enrolled one. can anyone please advise?

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Hi Garry

Thank you for reporting this, a few of our customers have been experiencing this issue. The page calculates the pension on load, but then this amount is quickly replaced with 0.00. I have added your case to the existing work ticket for the developers to look into and will update you once a resolution is found.

In the mean time you will need to manually add your pension contribution amount. If you have any further queries regarding pensions in payroll please email autoenrolment@clearbooks.co.uk

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Thank you, a footnote to the post is that it had worked for the previous 8 months.


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