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Problem reported by Ryan Thomas 6 years ago

I import csv file and for some items for which there are purchase orders marked as paid when i try and reconcile the item by picking the supplier from the dropdown no purchase order is displayed.

Works on some not on others.

How to fix this ?

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Hi Ryan - you can only pay off Bills, not POs, so if you have a PO that was converted to a bill this will be available but POs that have yet to be billed by the supplier will not.

hi, they are all bills and i have marked them as paid. As I say some display and some dont. Just means I cant use bank rec which is a pain as it tries to force me to make duplicate transactions.

I would email support but they never seem to reply.

i tried again to make a ticket. fingers crossed i get a reply.

Hi Ryan, I have responded to the ticket you raised. Please check your email and let me know if you did not receive it.

received it but it did make sense to be honest.

either bank rec works or it doesn't.

  1. I make a biill and mark it as paid.
  2. It doesn't show up on bank rec.

Now the bank balance on CB doesn't match the real balance at bank.

The VAT man will pull this to pieces if we get inspected as there is no checks or balances to make sure CB is correct.

I really want CB to just work without all this hassle.

Hi Ryan

Have you chosen CB off your own back or did an accountant recommend it? If the latter, why not grab a twenty min screenshare session with them to run through a few pointers? They might be worth their weight in gold.

If not, I believe CB themselves offer online training sessions but they will of course come at a cost - probably worth it though to iron out any small issues before they turn into bigger ones.

Hi Ryan - Interested to know how you're "marking" the bills as paid. There are 3 different ways of doing this in CB (in addition to paying them off directly from the bank statement import) so give us a clue.

Also are they all being fully paid with one payment, ie no part payments?

Here is how i post them.

create a bill enter the info click save. it then takes you to payment page and i fill in the payment method amount etc. most bills are already paid in real life so when i enter them on CB i mark them as such.

Hi Ryan - that is puzzling, if, by the "payment page", you mean the Quick pay feature then, when you click on the same sum from the bank statement and pick the supplier, you're right, it should present you with the payment you entered in Quick pay, with a green PAID and the ability to reconcile it to the entry in your bank account.

The only time I've known this to fail some times is with part payments. It's best you give examples of payments that aren't reconcilable to Support so that they can login to your books and find out why they are not working.



yep i did that waiting to hear back from them last couple days.

Hi Ryan,

I have replied once again to your ticket, so please check your email.

The core of the issue is that, as Paul mentioned above, the system has trouble with part payments, in this case knowing when you are trying to reconcile a single payment to multiple paid bills. In this circumstance you need to delete the payment from the imported statement and reconcile manually, as in the Support Guide below:

I hope this helps,

All the best.

to update you all, they have confirmed that bank rec doesn't work properly.

to clarify, when you pick a supplier from the drop down to match the line from the imported bank statement it DOES NOT list every unreconciled bill for that supplier in order that you can tick them off.

      For example.  

      2 separate bills total of £200 paid via 2 separate debit card transactions.
      Bank statement has one line of £200.

      Impossible to reconcile in clearbooks. TAS / SAGE etc no problem at all.

I have asked when this major bug will be fixed as bank rec is unusable until it is.

amazed not many people use bank rec as you would come across this pretty much immediately.

It's not a bug per se, it's just how the system was designed.

I don't disagree with you but it won't change anytime soon so quite honestly you'll need to learn to live with it. CB has many great features that TAS & Sage don't but none are perfect.

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