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Cannot edit or delete recurring template: You are trying to process a transaction that precedes or is in a locked accounting period. Manage accounting periods here.

Problem reported by Barry Fogarty 4 years ago

How do I delete my recurring template in this case?

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Hi Barry - you need to follow the link to accounting periods (in settings) then unlock the period(s) effected by the template. You may also find that if the template was due to run into a future period that doesn't currently exist you will need to create that accounting period first.

If you can't see any of this then you may not have permission to do so, and so will need to contact the account owner.

Hope that helps

Thanks Paul, I can't access that so will ask my accountant. Seems like a bug that I cannot simply remove a template, if I no longer want invoices to be generated from it. The frequency is weekly and there are 0 occurrences set so I wouldn't know what accounting periods it refers to anyway.

I agree with Barry on this one, I don't see the need to unlock an accounting period simply to delete a recurring template.

Hi both - I agree that, from an accounting point of view it seems strange but, from a security point of view, if the business owner (or the accountant) wants to lock an accounting period and its history from any subsequent amendment then, as the creation of the template was an action effecting that period, some might want that protected by the lock.

This is my guess but I'll check.

Kevin and Paul again! You two are brilliant, you should be the Ant and Dec of Clearbooks queries!!

I believe Ant's a tad taller so i'll be him ;-)

Ha! My excuse is that I prefer being on here than doing accountancy (plus I do work for CB), and Kevin? He's just a a very nice man :)

BTW - have checked and, as suspected, the coding for the template is akin to being part of an invoice and so is "protected" by the period lock feature.

I just like to skive more than anything else.

Thanks Paul and Kevin for your input. I think it would be better though, if invoices generated from a template stood alone. A template should be just that - there should be no danger to an accountancy period by simply deleting an invoice template.

I think we all probably agree Barry however, with the way CB's been built over the yrs, rightly or wrongly it 'is what it is' and the dev work that would need to go into changing it just isn't justified.

Like many things within the system, any system for that fact, it's just something you have a quick grumble at on the occasion it occurs but as a whole generally learn to live with.

Yes, that's right, this only gets highlighted once or twice a year and with 11,000 users the development time can't really be justified, especially as there are bound to be hundreds who, for the reason I say, would prefer to protect all activities in a period. This particular instance has caused a bit more grief partly as a result of Barry not having been given permission to spend 3 seconds to find and unlock the period.

Arrrr yes, accountants and their inability to let others into the circle of trust eh?! ;-)

Anyway, I need both of you to get on this case for me, regardless of who you both work for, as I know you have all the power :-)

I NEEEEEEEEEEEED a recurring template report. My sales guys want a list of upcoming recurring invoices, listed via project!! I see this was suggested four years ago and has never been implemented.

What would you guys do to somehow get a report each month?

Cheers Ant n Dec Shirley

As far as I know there is literally nothing in the system to achieve what you want at present Shirley. Even copy & pasting the recurring invoice list over to Excel to then manipulate doesn't really work as it'll still include templates where the number of occurrences have expired [again, rather backwards really but such is life].

If this is really valuable to you and in the knowledge it's unlikely to hit the dev queue anytime soon there's always the option of paid dev work?

Hi Kevin,

But I'm a management accountant and therefore don't like to pay for ANYTHING!! :-)

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