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Problem reported by Ray Barnett 6 years ago


You have completely ruined this user experience. Do you have a setting to revert this back to the original before I change our accountancy system.

This has been so good for the 6 years we have been using this I will be sorry to say goodbye based on a terrible downgrade!


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Exactly as above.

Previous update wasn't great, this now is just abysmal... re quote / invoice interface.


Sorry guys,

The menu is not going to be reversible, however, we are currently reviewing all feedback and making changes where appropriate. Would it be possible to let me know exactly what sort of problems you are having with this?

They are not talking about the menu it's the user interface when inputting bills or creating invoices as show below.

Having multiple lines for an item is the most confusing layout I have ever seen. Also to add text to the summary you used to be able to tab to the box and start typing now you need to click on the edit summary link to open the box


Thanks Michael - I will forward this on to the people reviewing this all.

Just for comparison to the old item row - the changes made are the VAT rate under the VAT amount box and the select account has been moved to the first column. The description is a big change though.


The summary is going to be tweaked for sure and should be expanded by default.

What is the reasoning for having account box being more prominent than the select item box? Most items should have accounts assigned by default and changing this should be an infrequently used option. Was well placed in the old layout.

Choose item box is now so short that most items are indistinguishable by name when chosen. This is a major pain when reviewing a PO with multiple lines.

Customer field was more useful as a drop list.

Above may not be exhaustive, just used CB briefly today.

The positioning of the item drop down list is becoming a common theme - I think as stock is not always toggled on the account drop down list defaulted to the top. I think the development team will be changing this one too.

I shall add your feedback regarding the size of it.

The customer field will most likely please some with larger lists of contacts, but for shorter lists, it may be a bit more of a pain. I'm not sure that anything will change with this field, however, I will again forward on to the team to review.

The old version has much better flow from left to right. The new one as mentioned has the most confusing layout.

From what I can see there has been a new design choice with boxes of a certain size now being used. As these no longer fit across the width of a page they had to be stacked. Unfortunately, this doesn't pass the UX test highlighted by the fact that many of us have voiced our concerns.

Design is more than style. Good design makes using an object or service easier than that which came before. I love good design but when it's at the expense of usability then it's not good design. It's a failure.

I hope the team at Clearbooks see it because it would be a worrying sign if you can't. I also hope that it's rectified quickly.

A few tweaks are being put live tomorrow (potentially more to follow) - the positioning of item drop-down, white space removed at the top and summary to remain open by default:


Thanks for trying to resolve this issue and the constructive comments given by members. The best thing about using the old Clearbooks was that it did just that made the system clear to use.

Having introduced many of my colleagues and friends to this system over the years above packages like SAGE I would suggest you do some fast market research and not lose new customers on first sight of this poor version. Remember your clients are not all trained accountants especially those who have small businesses.

My main concern is the format when entering multiple items, I can only see 3 on screen due to the clutter introduced, the original was perfect.

Please make Clearbooks CLEAR again asap.


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