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Problem reported by Helen Millington 6 years ago

This new format takes Clearbooks into the dark ages with its format. I have used many accounts packages and this "new" format is nothing short of a joke. It is not at all user friendly, and I thought that was what Clearbooks was all about.
Does the development team have anyone on it who has any accounting experience/knowledge? Please sort this out and go back to a format similar to the one that has been replaced. It does look as if the system has had a bug and reverted to a beta format. Horrible.

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I agree. Why it would change to be so clunky is beyond me. Use of the screen is now wildly inefficient. Here is hoping they back it out ASAP

How do you enter the detail of what you are selling - please revert to old format - this new format is utter crap (excuse the language)

revert revert revert to old format PLEASE

Sorry about this guys - both the development team and management team are reviewing all the feedback at the moment. Use of the screen is a common theme of the problems being reported. A number of tweaks are going live tomorrow morning.

Thanks for the updated version although I find it still very clunky and back to front - surely you describe what you're selling first then allocate the account code, price, vat etc thereafter. Your comments and explanation is appreciated. thank you

There was nothing wrong with the original layout - please bring it back. New layout is definitely not user friendly and it is horrid to use. Please revert back to the old layout until you can produce something that has clarity and is easy to use.

Thank you for your feedback and I appreciate your response to the comments made.

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