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Problem reported by Bharat Hathi 5 years ago

Hi. For what it is worth i wanted to feedback on some of the changes that have taken place in clearbooks recentlu=y.

The create bill and invoice screens looks very shoddy and for the life of me dont know why they had to change from what was fairly good layout. i cant see how it adds to the user experiece, in my mind it just makes the whole process much more harder.

I also notice that under the customer customer or supplier field the drop down list has been taken away and now asks for "Start typing" although this is does the job the drop down was a lot better.

I wonder why when a layout has worked well that it keeps being revised when much more other pressing work could be undertaken such as better integration with receipt bank etc.

One of the features that most accountnts would like is to somehow print/email unexplained transactions from a bank feed that we need the clients help with. there are other things as well but i wonder how much your development teams are talking to the users.

Many Thanks

Bharat BdH Chartered Certified Accountants 02392 736 093

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Hi Bharat - on the print/email unexplained transactions, this may be worthwhile with deskbound software but the ability to collaborate within cloud accounting means clients can just do it directly?

Totally agree with you Bharat, I used to be able to see many, many line items at once on my large desktop monitor, when making up an invoice.

Have just gone to amend an invoice and can see literally 2 items at once - on a 30" monitor!

It's like some playschool version of the old one.

Please bring back a layout, even if it's an option, where you can see at least 10 line items at once!

I too agree that the new layout is terrible. Much prefer the old layout - please bring it back!

Hi Paul, i agree with you but there are times are we do the work for the client and it would be great to just run off an unexplained list to send to the client

Customers will love it as the chances of me missing something and undercharging whilst trying to review an invoice and make changes etc... are much higher - it nearly happened today in fact.

The new design basically has the same fields, yet what used to take 10 secs to complete an invoice now takes longer. Blowing up the size of all the fields and pushing everything further apart just takes the brain longer to get a grip with the page. Sticking with the old design until they unfortunately deprecate it.

Hi David

As further enhancements are made, we'll make them available via Preview, but we're also planning to invite interested customers and partners in to review the proposed changes BEFORE anything goes live. Suffice it to say, the objective is to minimise the amount of scrolling and clicking that's required to create an invoice.

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