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Problem reported by Kim Stevenson 6 years ago

I'm afraid he new layout is not great. Everything was allot clearer before. Now it looks like a child has created a simple plate that is not visually easy to view (sorry)...

Previously info was on one line so most of search / input info was at the top so no need to scroll down to much for firs line etc. Also had a little blue in there for visual direction.

Discounts: This area we used to amend as your system used to put the discount on every line. We used to consolidate on one line then remover the discount in the discount box. This would leave our like with our consolidated discount. This no longer happens. We have now created an item for a discount.

thanks Kim

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Kim is absolutely correct, and you need to roll back to the previous user interface as the new version is a complete mess.

Please do not forget to add the "add customer" and "edit customer" icons and functionality

Yes - a complete hash up - I was seriously considering Xero if you stick with this dreadful layout - so difficult to follow, too much space - design over substance I am afraid

Hi Gordon. We've taken on board the feedback and are working on simplifying the layout, but in the meantime, the previous layout is available to anyone who wants it via the "Preview" option in the main menu.


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